Can I wear White in the Winter

Can I wear White in the Winter

1511190_10205185829668771_45084396941115547_n-1People always ask me if they can or can’t wear white in the winter and I say YES you can. I love white especially since I live on the West Coast and seems to stay summer longer then a normal cold winter, I think if you pair up a white pant or white top can look amazing and sophisticated also show that you know who you are as a woman and what you like for style. My favorite is Winter White and it really stands out. You have to remember to pick out colors that look best on your skin tone so be careful with any shades of white as they can wash you out. When you add accessories you can go for a more edgy look with metals and silvers or warm up winter whites with a splash of gold. Either way will look stylish and giving you your signature look!

Here is a photo of my friend  Caroline and I with her wearing a cute pair of white pants with a warm black sweater top, and  I am in a charcoal gray sweater dress and I put on this winter white leather jacket with silver accessories and it is Thanksgiving weekend. So Yes you can wear white in the winter!  ( P.S. We did not know that we were both going to match each other)

Jennifer Shultz
  • Love this, Jennifer! Great tips, thanks so much.

    February 27, 2015 at 5:30 am

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