Cosmetics Perfect for Travel and Life On-the-Go

Cosmetics Perfect for Travel and Life On-the-Go

I shared a story recently with my best tips for traveling, packing, and always looking great when you’re on the go. Summer is here, and that means that no matter if we’re jetting to an exotic beach or just heading to a picnic and concert in the park for date night, things are a little bit different when it comes to fashion, makeup, and always looking our best.

I realized that in addition to packing and travel tips, I just had to share my favorite go-to cosmetics from Manna Kadar, a good friend, CEO, and Founder of Manna Kadar Cosmetics.

Manna travels the world creating cosmetics that are easy to use and work great. When I travel I absolutely depend on several of her products to keep me looking fresh and ready for the world, no matter how long I’ve been on the road. Here they are:

The Runway Ready Primer makeup base gives me a matte silky smooth finish and helps keep my makeup in place all day long.
The Lash Extending Primer naturally lengthens and bulks up lashes for a luscious look while it hydrates and conditions at the same time.
The Paris Palette is lightweight and has a mirror for easy use. It has 4 eye shadows, 1 perfect blush, a highlighter, bronzer and powder. This easy to use palette is perfect for travel and fits in your bag so easily. Now you can bring Paris with you where ever you go.
The Lip Locked priming wand is the perfect lip product for a quick bit of color that is long-lasting, hydrates your lips, and will compliment any look.
Jennifer Shultz
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