Eyeliner Problems?

Eyeliner Problems?

Do you ever put on your eye liner and later in the afternoon you look like it is falling down on your face? When wearing eye liner ladies, always check to make sure it is directly on the top of your eye line area almost on the lashes and not any further higher, and the bottom needs to be directly under the lashes almost on the lashes but not inside the eyelash area, do not go any lower or it drags your eye down and ages you and also make sure your outer corner eye area is connected to the top line to give you a clean finish!
My FAVORITE Eyeliner is The Jetset smudge proof liner by Manna Kadar Cosmetics that I have partnered with and it is great so you don’t have to fix it once you have it on.


Here are my favorite weekend get away essentials. Big O Blush, Coral Crush lip locked, Golddigger Palette, Extreme Curling Mascara and Cognac Jet set liner that does not smear under your eyes. Super easy to pack up and your ready for your destination.

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Jennifer Shultz
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