How fashion can help expand your style horizons

How fashion can help expand your style horizons

“Everyday is a fashion show”

Do you often find yourself browsing through fashion catalogs, blogs and stores, loving new looks and styles, but thinking to yourself “I just can’t pull that off?” Getting stuck in a fashion rut happens to us all at some point in our lives. You find a few items you feel comfortable in, and the next thing you know you’re stuck in a style time loop, wearing the same thing over and over, desperate to break out but not sure what to do and afraid that it’s too late to try new things.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I see this all the time with the women I work with – they’ve got a great look, but they blinked and suddenly it’s 10 years later and they boxed themselves in by wearing the same thing over and over. Expanding your style horizons doesn’t have to be scary. My advice? Start out with small things first. Handbags, scarves, hats, statement jewelry – these are easy items to play with and great for testing the waters to see if a new look or style will work for you.

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We touched on this theme a lot at the Spring Fever Uber-Chic Fashion show earlier this month. Spring is such a great time for renewal, and the fashions and accessories we shared showcased the wide range of style out there that you can try out to freshen up your look.


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If you usually opt for handbags in classic colors and styles, how about mixing it up with a bright color, wild patter, or fun design like the ones we showed from S.A.N.E. Boutique in Calabasas.

Headpieces are so in style right now and can be used for everything from a formal event to fun festivals. For some ideas, check out how What a Betty headpieces offers everything from simple, crystal headpieces to dramatic crowns, giving you a chance to get out of your comfort zone, have fun, and look fabulous while you’re doing it.  (Your friends will admire your style and wish they’d thought of it first!)

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After the fashion show I was so gratified to hear several of my models gush about how they thought they’d never look good in the styles we chose for them, and yet had found a new way to show their style and were excited to add these new pieces to their wardrobes. Even our sponsor Linda owner of So Bella Boutique at the event was impressed when they realized that their products could even be worn by teens, opening a whole new audience for them (and didn’t the teens look so cute that night?)

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One last bit of advice for expanding your style is to take a favorite outfit, then replace one key element of it with something fresh and new. Check out my store at under Wild Thing and Fringe Factor collections for great tops, skirts and statement jewelry ideas perfect for real women who are ready to mix it up a bit.

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Time to say goodbye to boring and hello to a fresh, new you!fashion may5

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