Rekindle your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

Rekindle your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

I am so excited to have Relationship Expert, Midori Verity, as a guest blogger. She talks about Valentine’s day and how to create new romantic ideas for your sweetheart. I will follow up with another blog on ideas on how to dress for Valentines day and other fun dates you go out on! For now enjoy this great blog:

Rekindle your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

We often get so wrapped up in life that our romantic life gets pushed to the back burner. That’s why I love making Valentine’s Day a huge celebration, dedicated to you and your significant other. It doesn’t require a ton of effort; just some strategic planning. A key to long-term, successful relationships is to keep things fresh, exciting, and passionate. I’ve listed ideas below to pump up the passion to various levels and to remind your partner that you do think they’re still hot!

Start in the morning with a thoughtful card and a personal message. If you get stuck on words, look up a poem or quote that depicts how you feel. You’ll make your partner feel special, from all the effort you put into planning the day. Bonus points would be to add a sexy or romantic gift, to act as a foreshadowing of the day ahead.

Check out these suggestions and get creative. Pair a few ideas together or add your own spin.

Unique Date Ideas
  1. Activity Focused
    If you and your partner are activity driven try a new disco cycling class, or put your cowboy boots on to ride Thunder the Bull at a western bar. Looking
    for something a bit more refined? Try a cooking or dance class. What about a champagne and food tasting experience? Tough to get more sexy than that!

    Just make sure it’s not too serious because Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your authentic selves and enjoying one another; not about worrying
    if you trip over your feet or mix caviar with the wrong bubbly!

  2. New Worldly Experiences Near You
    Don’t have the time or finances to travel to exotic locations? Experience the flavors, decor, and entertainment in your hometown or nearby. Most larger cities have an eclectic variety of restaurants, with cuisine from around the world.Try a Middle Eastern restaurant and smoke Hookah. Of course, I’m not telling you to become a smoker. I’m simply suggesting trying something a little different, just for the night. What about Moroccan food with a belly dancing show? Have you tried karaoke? It’s the perfect accompaniment to Japanese cuisine.

    Be open minded to trying new flavors and experiences. Remember trying to get your kids to taste unknown foods – the disgusted faces they made and temper tantrums? If you can turn a displeasure bite into laughter, your night will be a success!

  3. Push the Limits
    A great prescription to avoid boredom in your relationship is to get a little risque together. Try sneaking into a luxury hotel to use the outdoor jacuzzi. I view this as doing market research, of the local accommodations, for your out-of-town guests….right?

    Skinny dipping can also be exhilarating. Hike up to a secluded lake and strip down! What could be sexier than baring it all, under the moonlight?

  4. Be a Tourist in Your City
    If your hometown is a little too sleep, head out to one nearby that offers more and do all the touristy things as though you traveled far and wide to get there.
  5. Have a 5-Star Dining Experience at Home
    Dust off your fanciest china and crystal. Remember to set the mood with the right music and candles. Indulge in a beautiful red wine or Champagne. I recommend getting take-out cuisine so that all energy is focused on one another. Since this evening is about romance avoid food that is too heavy if you want to enjoy the “after party”.For the dessert course, why not enjoy one in bed?

Bonus Suggestion

– have a special gift waiting on the bed, to help enhance the seductive evening.

The biggest tip of all is to make your partner the celebrity of the day. Turn off all electrical devices and distractions. Make the day about enjoying time together. Keep things simple, so there is no stress. Remember, the more relaxed your partner is, the higher your chance of getting lucky!

Midori is an international Marriage and Lifestyle Coach, helping couples quit the screaming and start the thriving. She is the best-selling author to, Secrets to a Kickass Marriage, host of, The Ultimate Relationship Show.

Midori and her husband have been happily together for almost 30 years. She has a degree in Communications and Sociology from the University of California, Davis. She’s proud to be the Relationship Advisor for the California Women’s Conference, and the global organization, Women Network, and has been featured on FoxNews, CBS, SheKnows, YourTango, and many other medias.

Get relationship tips to create a more thriving relationship at

Social media handle @MidoriVerity

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