Stonehaus Fall Fashion Show

Stonehaus Fall Fashion Show

Style At Stonehaus Fashion NightJennifer_30

I woke up this morning with my hands shaking so I knew I was excited and nervous for the launch of my fall fashion show tonight.

I had lots of last minute details to finish to make sure everything was done with excellence and my guests would have a great time. I wanted to make sure I had a program so each guest could know what each model was wearing and if they wanted to also purchase it they could take notes and circle that models outfit she was wearing and that was the last major item that needed to be done.


After getting all ready for the event I made my way over to Stonehaus to meet my models and set up. I know that setting up for any event takes a team of people so I was so thankful I had Kristin from Lorna Jane, Lilianna from Salt Shoes, Several of the Sugar team were there also making sure the clothes were ready to be put on and ready for the runway, Julie who did such a great job on the makeup for the models, my assistants, Sharon, Alyssa and Marybeth and Rachel who was taking a ton of photos for me. The Owner of “Data Tel Network Cabling Inc” Larry arrived to do the sound and music along with his main sound man Femi a and were getting the sound ready for a quick rehearsal for my models to feel really comfortable. They ran the music all night and wow what a great job they did. The show would have not been the same with out them.

Jennifer_18 Jennifer_22
Jennifer_19 Jennifer_17

I have all of the tables set up, the chairs the way I want them and the rose petals down the middle for the official runway and it is getting time to go get dressed in the beautiful Red Dress that I fell in love with from Sugar.



Jennifer_35 Jennifer_10          IMG_0832

It is 6:30 now and its all most show time and I am so excited and as I walk out from the back after getting dressed and putting my Salt Shoes on I see the beautiful lights surrounding the court yard and a huge amount of people walking in already and I was so surprised and also more excited that everyone was arriving. I knew it was going to be a magical night!

Jennifer_63 Jennifer_155

As the guests were coming in It was so fun to see how many people were there and they were also so excited to be attending and then buying the raffle tickets to support our charity for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in honor of a local little girl Sophia who lost her battle in January 2014 to Neuroblastoma. A rare cancer that has no cure ( YET )

Jennifer_74 Jennifer_92 Jennifer_90
Jennifer_85 Jennifer_55

Jennifer_89 Jennifer_82 Jennifer_91
Jennifer_87 Jennifer_137
Jennifer_131 Jennifer_144 Jennifer_146
Jennifer_133 Jennifer_141
Knowing we were going to support this cause and had so many great raffle items was so touching. Her mom Sandra was also attending and that made it so much more special. We also had The owner Debbie Foreman of the Lamborghini that she has Sophia honored on.

Jennifer_120 Jennifer_121 Jennifer_112
Jennifer_119 Jennifer_99
I was saying hello to so many familiar faces and also meeting so many new people and taking a lot of photos. I was taking in every second and watching people laughing, talking, having wine and eating the amazing appetizers that were put out. The weather was a little crisp but just right.

Around 7:3() it was time to gather the guests and have them go inside so I could start the show!

Remember I said I woke up with my hands shaking and I felt it all day long and once I got the microphone in my hands the shakes went away and I was ready to roll.


It was a blast to see my friends in the audience and also so many new people I had just met outside.

Jennifer_161 Jennifer_212
I wanted to get the message across that all women no matter what size you are or how tall you are can be a woman of excellence by embracing your body shapes and learning to love themselves as well as making a statement and having a signature look that really shows who you are as a women no matter what you do in your life. So I used “REAL WOMEN” in my show for the models, women with curves, kids, jobs and struggles that we all have to deal with. One of my models Amanda who is a hair stylist lost her sweet daughter a few years ago and talk about a women who has felt total grief in her life but is learning that she can make a difference to other mom’s who have also lost a child. It was so special at the end of the night to see Amanda Embrace Sandra who had just lost her daughter this year. A moment I will never forget and to see how these two could relate was so incredible but something I could only guess at to how they both were feeling. There daughters also had the same exact names..SOPHIA ~There angels in heaven!

Jennifer_173 Jennifer_166
So having REAL WOMEN of Westlake Village made a powerful statement that night. I also talked about how we as women are roll models to the up coming generation of girls and that it is not “what’s taught, it is what’s caught” by how we react to our own body’s and if we love our bodies and take care of our self our daughters will do the same thing and they will grow up healthy, happy and self confident and will realize that the magazines have all been photo shopped and there is NO PERFECT BODY or Person out there.

Jennifer_175 Jennifer_193 Jennifer_179
Jennifer_183 Jennifer_223 Jennifer_240
Jennifer_189 Jennifer_202 Jennifer_188
The outfits we used from Sugar Boutique were all selected for each body shape and to be able to show how you can take a look from going to the office to dinner out with your husband or maybe your running errands all day and are meeting friends for happy hour. My goal was that a women can have super cute looks and by adding different shoes, or a different jacket or just different accessories you can make it simple by keeping a few items in your car and make a quick change you are ready for a night out!

Jennifer_185 Jennifer_226 Jennifer_248
Jennifer_209 Jennifer_207 Jennifer_208
Jennifer_214 Jennifer_211
Jennifer_233 Jennifer_246 Jennifer_258

Jennifer_261 Jennifer_259 Jennifer_260
Jennifer_252 Jennifer_272 Jennifer_278
Jennifer_268 Jennifer_263 Jennifer_267


The Raffles were so fun. We sold a LOT of tickets before the show and sold more before I started. We had donations from ~ Kim Pagano for a hair cut, style and blow dry, Stonehaus gift card, Mediterraneo gift card Salon HG gift card, a huge basket from Sugar, Kate & Lace Lingerie, and a 2 hour style package from Jennifer Shultz Style.

Jennifer_296 Jennifer_305
With all of the tickets sold we raised over $1000 so it was a success!

Jennifer_303 Jennifer_301
Jennifer_315 Jennifer_318


Jennifer_313 Jennifer_312

The night turned out to be magical just like I had felt at the start and am so happy to be a part of the Launch of the first ever “Style at Stonhaus” I am so thankful to have partnered with Stonehaus to create a new fashion event in our area since we don’t have anything like it here. I am looking forward to my next event on December 9th for my “Holiday Glam Party” as I know it will be a lot of fun also!!

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Jennifer Shultz
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