Summer-ize Your Closet

Summer-ize Your Closet

Summer-ize your Closet

Why not create and enjoy your own dream closet, one that feels like your very own In-home Boutique, with your signature style?

Step 1 – Toss or donate what you have not worn in the past two years to a local charity. Or bring them to a consignment shop to make some money! Go through your drawers, shoes, and Jewelry areas.

Step 2 – Create more space. Use velvet hangers because they are thin and save space. The velvet also allows clothes stay in place without slipping off.

Step 3 – Go though and organize your clothes to see if your winter & fall shoes need new heels or souls. Take them to a local shoe repair, like my favorite guy in Camarillo in the Ralphs shopping center.

Thank you. See you next time.

Dream Big!
Jennifer Shultz
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Jennifer Shultz
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