To Red or Not to Red?

To Red or Not to Red?

The question is always asked to me by my friends, and clients. What should I wear for Valentines day? Should I wear Red? What about Pink? What about black? I of course feel Valentines Day should be a daily event with your special someone however on this one day, why not trying something fun and flirty.

Why not wear a new fabulous dress and do something sexy just for you. Plus your sweetheart will love it as well.  It is always more fun when we feel confident and sexy. We stand up taller, we make an entrance in the room and everyone notices us because we are beaming with confidence.

Why not wear a sexy black top that shows a different side to you for your special date.  Don’t wear that same black top you have worn before, splurge and get a new one for this date to show your valentine how important they are to you. When you  take time to shop and want to look extra gorgeous on this date it really speaks volumes. Or what about a sexy Red top with the latest and hottest style of pants that create a classy and sexy look for you.

I would avoid old jeans, or leggings, flats or anything that does not say sexy. Go for heels, lipstick, and that sexy top with a sexy pair of slacks or a pencil skirt is always my first pick.
Did you know if you asked 100 men if they prefer a pencil skirt over a mini skirt they would most likely all say pencil skirt.  There is just something sleek and sexy about it.

Start in the morning with a thoughtful card and a personal message. If you get stuck on words, look up a poem or quote that depicts how you feel. You’ll make your partner feel special, from all the effort you put into planning the day. Bonus points would be to add a sexy or romantic gift, to act as a foreshadowing of the day ahead.

Don’t wear something your valentine has seen you in or something that you have dressed down in running errands on a weekend. Spice it up, Spruce it up. If you know your Valentine loves a certain color on you why not wear that color. This shows how much you care and how important your Valentine is to you. Remember people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Happy Valentines day!

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